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Top granite

Опубликовано: 17.06.2017

видео top granite

How granite countertops are made

From: Studio of Angela E. Linhardt

Dear Phil and "остальные тут" Artisans

Many thanks for standing 100% behind the workmanship on granite countertop for my kitchen. Detail>>>>


Enclosed are two checks (Sorry I had already written the first) totaling $2965. . . . . .

Thanks for standing by you work and making sure the clients were happy with the granite. Detail>>>>

From: Stormy Friday

Phil, We can't stop looking at our counters. They get more beautiful each time we look at them. . . Detail>>>>

From: Bernie and Pat - MD

Mr. Phil Nguyen:

Pat and I wish to acknowledge the excellent work your company provied us recently when installing granite countertops in our Severn, Maryland residence. The attention to detail, quality workmanship and extremely prompt and courteous service you provided is both commendable and rare in today's service industry. . . . . . . Detail>>>>

Installing a Granite Vanity Top

Granite counter installation